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If you are wondering about finding an ideal place to travel for this upcoming vacation, then come to Hon Kho, Quy Nhon tour – A place that sounds new but extremely interesting. for you to explore.

Kho Kho Quy Nhon, also known by another name is Hon Kho Island, is an island in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune, located about 16km from Quy Nhon city center. The island is a beautiful natural masterpiece with pristine beauty and clear blue sea. In addition, there are undulating rocks floating in the middle of the sea. On the island no people live.

Transportation to Hon Kho from central Quy Nhon

To reach Hon Kho Island, from Quy Nhon, tourists can travel by motorbike or car through Thi Nai Bridge, continue along Mai Huong Bay and cross a few kilometers of a hill to the fishing village. Nhon Hai commune.

Upon arrival, visitors can rent canoes to the island for about 700,000 VND according to the original agreement of the tourists with the boat owner. You can rent a canoe for 10-20 people to cross the island. If you want to visit the scenery around the area of ​​the island, the cost may be more. The travel from Nhon Hai to Hon Kho takes only 5 minutes.

What to do in Quy Nhon Hon Kho 2019?
When boats take tourists to Hon Kho Island, visitors are free to swim and enjoy the fresh specialties. In particular, seafood is processed on the spot according to the designation or request of visitors. So you can be assured of the freshness of the food here.

When visitors have a bath and enjoy the specialties here. Guests will relax to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea. Or you can try the coral diving program to admire the magical beauty of the colorful undersea coral reefs.

As a fairly new destination because it has not been exploited much, however, Hon Kho Quy Nhon is popular with young people, its idyllic beauty. Especially people here are quite friendly with visitors, so it will make you a familiar feeling when coming here.




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